Frequently Asked Questions

About Claim24

We protect the rights of air passengers who suffered from a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight. We file the claim on behalf of the passenger, get in touch with the airline, and take care of everything. No payments upfront, no payment if we lose, and no financial risk – we work on a ‘no win, no win’ fee basis. When we win, we take a 24% commission fee from the total compensation amount (incl. VAT).  Use our free claim calculator to find out whether you are entitled to a flight compensation.

Your Rights

You are entitled to compensation If you were denied boarding against your will because the airline overbooked your flight – i.e. sold more seats than actually available on the flight.  Please note that under EU Regulation 261/2004, passengers who have been denied boarding for reasons other than overbooking, such as late arrival at the gate or issues with their travel documents, are not entitled to compensation. In addition, you are also not entitled to a flight compensation if it falls under “extraordinary circumstances”. Learn more about boarding denial here.

Required Documents

We need a signed assignment form to act on your behalf, a copy of your e-ticket(s) and/or booking confirmation as proof and, depending on the airline, a copy of your passport or ID to verify your identity.


Your data is safe with us because we fully comply with all EU data protection.

Payment Of Compensation And Taxes

Claim24 only charges a success fee after completion of the claim. The success fee is fixed at 24%.