Frequently Asked Questions


About Claim24

What does Claim24 do?

Why choose Claim24?

How can I submit a claim?

Which travel documents does Claim24 require when submitting a claim?

How will I know that Claim24 received my submission?

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Your Rights

Am I entitled to compensation if the boarding is denied?

Am I entitled to compensation if the flight is delayed?

Am I entitled to compensation if the flight is cancelled?

How much am I entitled to?

Can I get the compensation for delayed/canceled/overbooked flight if I have already accepted the voucher offered by the airline?

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Required Documents

Which documents do I need to provide in order to claim?

How do I send documentation to Claim24?

What personal details will you need to start the compensation process?

Can I start a claim process if I lost my plane ticket?

Who should sign documents in behalf of minors?

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What happens to my documents once you have them? Is it secure?

Do you share my information with others?

Why do I have to sign an Assignment Form?

Is there any possibility that linking my email account could compromise my security?

Can I remove the automatic import feature from my email at any time?

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Payment of Compensation and Taxes

How much do Claim24 services cost?

How and when will I receive my compensation?

How much does the bank transfer cost?

In what currency will I receive my money?

Can I give someone else's bank details, like a relative or a friend?

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Was your flight disrupted?


Was your flight delayed, cancelled or overbooked? Get up to €600 compensation per person for your disrupted flight!

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