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Color codes and flight compensation during the vacation

The Belgium Ministry of Foreign Affairs have made a system to make travelling in Europe more understandable for travellers during corona. Countries can change their corona rules every day, which will have an effect on tourism. Because of these insecure times many travellers find it unclear which country they can travel to. By dividing countries […]

Who Receives Compensation for Business Trips?

Whether you go to business trips often or you hire people that travel across Europe, the following will spark your interest. You have a business trip today. It’s an important meeting and your boss wants you on field, so you cannot organize a video call. Your boss reserved the ticket and paid with company money. For some reason, […]

Coronavirus and Loyalty programmes

Desperate times call for desperate measures. However, experts think that the answer to the crisis cannot be found in extreme promotions. Airlines need to make sure that they will not fall back into old habits, instead they should walk the path of innovations, customer intelligence and financial responsibility.  Loyalty programmes have shown their worth to […]

Europe eases corona restrictions and borders are open again

After more than two months studying and working from home, most people will look forward to a foreign vacation. t is more and more likely that such a vacation will be possible this summer. Many European countries have decided to ease the corona restrictions. The economy is restarting and so are the aviation and vacation […]

On holiday with a plane, how should this be done?

Many measures have been taken to prevent the spread of corona. Many new protocols have been made. Think of the 1.5 meters social distancing, not shaking hands and avoiding crowds. Obviously, these protocols are not possible to live up to if you are going on holiday by plane. You can read the protocols that have […]

The coronavirus might end the collaboration of Air France-KLM

It is not unlikely that the coronavirus will end the collaboration between Air-France and KLM. The board of KLM admitted the previous fact in an interview. Both airlines are in heavy weather and are asking for monetary state-support. There have been a lot of  irritations and differences between the two of them. Taking the obligatory […]